Stories with a happy end


Born in 2010 at a storehouse next to a beltway, Ada grew up with a twin brother, who eventually got hit by a car and died. Ada also had a similar accident, having her front left leg broken after a car ran her over. She was taken to a vet only after a month, when the infection had already spread through her body and her leg had to be amputated plus she got kidney failure. This girl also had heart worms and was pregnant during winter, while only having three legs, but as a true survivor, she powered through all of that. When she was 6, she stepped into her forever home for the first time and life got much easier and happier, now her only concern being if she’s going to sleep on her bed or on the couch.

Leyla, the pirate kitten

Brought in a shoe box by a bus driver, from a village one hour away from Bucharest, this tiny girl had a very bad infection at her right eye. After a few visits to the vet, we found out that unfortunately, her eye couldn’t be saved, but that didn’t stop her from being the most independent and affectionate cat.  In just a few months, her Human appeared, a young lady who fell head over heels with her and has been offering Leyla a loving home since the autumn of 2016!


This snowflake with a queen’s attitude was found in the middle of the street, with only a guardian angel keeping her safe from the moving cars. After she went through some traumatising fostering experiences (one of them involving having a hose put on her), she was taken to the vet and it became clear she had given birth not long before. She was in a pretty bad state when found and once she got in a stable home, it took her around six months to let her guard down and be affectionate, as she was still in survival mode. But once those gates opened, she became the most loving and touchy feely cat in the world. And as you can see, having a loving home is really working out for her, getting some enviable curves to flaunt ^_^


This feisty fella is a survivor all the way. Found right before bad weather started, he pretty much saved himself when he meowed with all the strength he had left. When we saw him, he was a month old tops, his eyes were glued shut with puss and there was a cut on his tummy, splitting his stomach in two and showing quite a few large worms that had crawled inside of him. We didn’t know if he was going to make it to the vet, but not only did he do that, he also completly won us over when he started purring. He made a remarkable recovery and in only two weeks he only had a a scar on his tummy and his sight slowly came back. While in the beginning we said we were going to find his perfect person after he’d be completly healthy, we soon realized there was no way we could give him away, so mister Punchy became a permanent member of the family!